Many actors ignore their intuitive impulses; others do not listen to their partners or are unaware of what the author has written in the script. The difference between a would-be actor and a real actor is having a foundation on which to build the role.

The Integrated Acting Process...

is drawn from essential elements of Meisner, Adler and Method acting disciplines. Incorporated into the Process are Caroline's vocal & movement research at Jerzy Grotowski's Polish Lab Theatre and speech and style techniques from her training at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Students achieve emotional truth and openness through listening and responsiveness to their partners. They learn to comprehend scripts and research roles, acquire cold reading skills and find out how to prepare for auditions. Voice and speech seminars are offered, in which TTL's non-traditional approach to the physical aspects of communication produces relaxed breathing, strong vocal production, speech improvement and accent reduction.

During her twenty plus years of teaching acting, Caroline has paid close attention to her students' ideas and suggestions, enabling her to HELP STUDENTS DEVELOP THEIR UNIQUE PERSONAL STYLES.

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