Our Benefactor...

This is a message on behalf of Caroline and the actors at Total Theatre Lab; our work would not be possible without the donation of a studio space where we have the flexibility to hit all the dramatic highs and lows that our scenes require, from delicate nuances to crazy crescendos (i.e making a bunch of noise). This is for our dear benefactor, with gratitude and genuine affection:


Honoring Marlene


Thank you dearest friend

You give our firmament light

Nurturing our stars


Student Paula T. Lin upcoming projects!

TTL student Paula T. Lin played the role of 'Cat Woman' in Mark Ronson's latest music video "I Can't Lose"! Mark is known for producing Bruno Mars huge hit "Uptown Funk." Link to his new video:   http://www.vevo.com/watch/GB1101500635

Paula also acted in a Pearson Educational Video as a Reading Terms Instructor ( photo below). 

Finally, Paula performed in the CNN series "The Hunt with John Walsh" in the role of Genevieve, a family matriarch and criminal factory boss. Episode expected to air in January 2016, we'll post the date as soon as we know!

Student Paula T. Lin's Film Debut!

Total Theatre Lab student Paula T. Lin was recently cast in the independent motion picture, Mint On Card, where she portrayed Cheryl Shaw! Director, Mark Foley, described Paula’s performance as, “Completely standout to the point where she may have delivered my favorite scene shot at Laurel Lanes.” Mint On Card’s Executive Producer, Aaron Vnuk, added, “The role was originally supposed to be played by a male actor, but when Paula auditioned for us in January we knew we had to rewrite the role for her. She is a gifted actress and is one we will cast in future projects.”

"In my motion picture debut, Ms. Caroline Thomas has proven to be one of my biggest professional supporters and friend. Caroline gladly rehearsed my role with me until the fun of it became so natural and easy. The result? Awesomely happy Executive Producer and Director/Writer!!! Thank you Caroline!"

-Paula T. Lin
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