“Caroline has worked with many of my clients, one of whom she helped develop into a Daytime TV star, as well as others in various stages of development...even beginners. Caroline is able to gauge the student and adapt her teaching methods to the skill-level for each individual, guiding them through their development She keeps pushing them further than they thought they could go.”

– SETH GREENKY, Green Key Management, LLC


“Caroline is a very unique acting teacher because she treats each of her students as an individualand tailors her instruction accordingly, whether she is teaching an aspiring beginner or assisting a working actor. She has been a great asset to the development of a few of my clients.”

– MICHAEL FARKAS, Talented Managers


"Interesting place for new actors. The shows I saw were really excellent - good, strong, acting."

– LIZ LEWIS, Liz Lewis Casting Partners


"I was very impressed after attending performances at Total Theatre Lab. Caroline Thomas offers a unique and personalized method of training actors." 

– CAROLINE SINCLAIR, Caroline Sinclair Casting


"Caroline is an excellent teacher and her technique is a precious gift to actors & directors as well."

NIKETI KONTOURI, Director of Antigone on Broadway 2002, National Theatre of Greece World Tour. “Ms. Kontouri has thrillingly revitalized the dialogue between the passive chorus and the active characters that is the spine of so much Greek tragedy… (She) has created a seamless piece of work that holds you in hypnotized…captivity.” – The New York Times 


"When I saw a show at Total Theatre Lab I was so impressed by Caroline and her students." 

– MARK FLEISCHMAN, Garber Talent Agency